A newbie integrating a Fanuc robot into a workcell


Almost 2 years ago now, my company hired an integrator who
was supposed to automate our CNC line (precision manufacturing plant) with a
Fanuc robot. He was constantly late on deadlines and eventually we had to let
him go. Unfortunately, due to our contract, we were left with the robot, tool
carousel, and the PLC with everything hooked up. The integrator is also pretty upset at our
company, so he is of no help at all.

Before this, I developed a way to dump inspection data from
our Brown and Sharp CMM directly into both of our AGIE Charmille EDM’s. Because
of this, and my ability to problem solve and to get things done, my boss tasked
me with completing the job! I have no prior experience with automation. I have
a mechanical engineering degree and I took a few classes where I learned PLC
programming using Alan Bradly RSLogix.

Where we are:

 S7-1500 PLC controlling the carousel (custom made)

 Fanuc Robot M-710iC/50 (as far as I know, it could load/unload the carousel)

 HMI on the PLC seems to be functioning

I am a complete newbie. I know PLC latter logic quite
well… and that’s about it.

Can you guys recommend a path for me. I would like to get
some training, but I’m not even sure what. As far as my training goes, my boss
pretty much gave me a blank check. Any help you guys can provide would be