Basics of pipeline leak detection?


Leak detection is very important for safe transportation of hazardous chemicals.

Several types of leak detection technologies are available

Non- Continuous leak detection systems -
Inspection by helicopter
Smart pigging
Tracking dogs

Continuous leak detection -
Two types of continuous leak detection are there
1.Hard sensor
2.Soft sensor

Hard Sensor-
Fiber optic cable
Acoustic system
Sensor hoses
Video monitoring

Soft sensor-
Balancing method
Statistical systems
RTTM method (Real time transient model)
E-RTTM method

What is a soft sensor?
Made up of the words software and sensor
Intelligent softwares uses existing sensor to generate new information

Intelligent soft sensors offer additional information-
Detection of a leak
Localisation of leaks
Product tracking in multi-product applications
Life cycle monitoring
Calculation of pipeline efficiency
Monitoring of vapor pressure and stack line conditions along the pipeline
Over-pressure violation along pipeline.