Brief idea about HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer


HART is a communication protocol used for industrial process measurement and control applications.
HART is a hybrid protocol. Analog + Digital communication.
HART Analog Communications -use industry standard 4-20 mA signal only –only one parameter (Process Variable or Controller Output) –communicated to the host system.
HART Digital Communications –Added information (Device Status and Diagnostic Alerts;Process Variables and Units;Loop Current and % Range, Basic Configuration Parameters, Manufacturer and Device Tag etc.,) – 35- 40 information items.
HART Digital Communications – Low level modulation superimposed on the standard 4-20 mA current loop –BELL 202 MODEM- Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) – Logic 1 – 1200 Hz and Logic 0 –2200 Hz (with an amplitude of –0.5mA to +0.5mA) – Device configuration, non-real-time diagnostics, and status monitoring.
Two-way communication
Master/Slave Protocol (Message Rate –2)
HART burst mode communications (Message Rate- 3)
Multivariable Instruments.
HART Multidrop Mode.

Benefits of HART Communication
Improved Plant operation
Commissioning and Installation
Plant operation and improved quality
Operational Flexibility
Instrument Investment Protection
Digital Communication
Control in Field Devices
Hand-Held Communicator

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