Cold Storage Temperature Monitoring & Alarm System

  • Using raspberry Pi Connect with temperature sensors.
  • Sending SMS and email to alarm.
  • Amount of phone number and email receive message is unlimited.
  • Wifi or LAN port available for internet connection.
  • Monitoring alarm status via web-based software on smartphone, tablet, PC.
  • Exporting excel file.
  • Case Study:
  • PLCPis measuring temperature value in 3 cold storages by temperature sensors DS18B20. Then, PLCPis transmits data to display the temperature parameters on the LED panel via RS485.
  • Scada software on PLCPis is accessed via wifi to display the temperature information on PC, smartphone, tablet,…
  • When a channel that exceeds the allowable thresholds, Siren is activated to alarm.
  • The software is programmed by ATPro to help customers easily monitor in cold storages.