Foundation Fieldbus


An open, bus-powered, digital, multi-drop communication technology for intelligent field devices and automation systems.
enables digital replacement of 4-20 mA
enables unification of field with business / control
enables some basic and even advanced process control in the field

How is Fieldbus Different from 4-20

Fieldbus devices are connected in parallel on the bus, which carries digital data from/to all the devices on the bus
Fieldbus devices provide almost unlimited information to all other devices on the network
Data has cyclical redundancy checking (CRC) to ensure receiving devices use only good data
A multidrop fieldbus does not have the shortcoming of point-to-point wiring

FOUNDATION Fieldbus Differentiators

Supports Intrinsic Safety and Existing Wiring
Uses IEC/ISA fieldbus standard.
Secure Process Data Messages
Time-critical process data first priority
Alarms and events second priority
Background MMI messages, downloads, etc., in free bandwidth
Function Blocks
Standard Set (AI, AO, DI, DO, PID, ML, SS, …)
Modeled after DCS points
Supports distribution of control to field devices
Device Description Language (DDL)
Defines parameters and function blocks in a device
Provides interoperability between devices
Supported by major global controls suppliers
Less wiring and commissioning time
Access to diagnostics for better asset management

ICS protocols for factories

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