How to crack password of Allen Bradley PLC? SLC 500 Micrologix PLC - Password Recovery


How to recover the Allen Bradley SLC 500 / Micrologix Password
Hey guys …you forgot the password of your Allen Bradley PLC ??? dont worry …there is a trick to recover or crack the password of Allen Bradley / RSlogix 500 Plc program .

For cracking the AB plc password you need following materials

Standard Serial communication cable - 2 nos
PLC programming PC -RSlogix installed - 1 nos
PC with Hyper terminal - 1 nos.

I hope you guys are comfortable with Hyper terminal connection .

This article will give brief idea about how to connect AB PLC with RSlogix

Configure the COM port setting in Hypertemial . Connect the PLC to Hyper terminal connected PC .

Open the password protected PLC program with the RSlogix. A window will pop up and it will ask for the credentials.

Look at the hyper terminal window .There you can see the password.

You got your password :slight_smile: easiest way to crack your Allen Bradley PLC password crack / Password recovery
allen Bradley PLC password recovery


Boa tarde, tenho que conectar dois computador um pro hyper outro computador plc pc instalado ?


Thanks for describe about password cracking


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Having problems with configuring hyper terminal then accessing RSLogix. Can you help?