How to unlock protected function block in Siemens S7 PLC - SIMATIC MANAGER


Microsoft Access is used for remove the password protection of function blocks used in SIMATIC MANAGER Siemens S7 plc.

Step by Step Procedure

Password protected function block - Siemens PLC

In the above picture you can see the function block is protected.You cannot open a protected function block.

1.Open Microsoft Access .

Open the DBF file from the location you saved the PLC project .

Browse to following folder to open the DBF file

In the Project file > ombstx>offline > 00000001

Password removal of Siemens function block - Open DBF File in Acess

2.Select the DBF file and open it. There may be more than one DBF file .Open the DBF file and check “Password” column is present or not .
Siemens Function block password removal

The value “0” in password filed means function block is not protected.
The value “3” in password filed means function block is protected.
Change the value from 3 to 0 for removing the password protection.

Now save the “DBF” file. You can see the protection is removed .