Industrial Network - Comparison of different network topology


Different network topology for Industrial Network


Feature - Every nodes connects to each other

Advantages - Highly reliable
Self healing

Disadvantage - Too costly for large network deployment

Industrial Network Topology - Mesh


Feature - IEEE 802.1D
Loop-free tree shape topology

Advantages - Open protocol
Self healing

Disadvantages - Recovery time 1.5 sec


Feature - IEEE 802.1w
Loop free tree shape topology

Advantages - Open protocol
Faster recovery time - 1sec

Disadvantages -Recovery time not fast enough


Feature - Proprietary technology
Ring/Chain topology

Advantages - Low cost
Self healing
Faster recovery time

Disadvantages -
Vendor specific topology

Industrial Network Topology - Ring-Chain


Feature - IEC 61850
Dual network
Dual path (HSR)

Advantages - Open protocol
Self healing
Zero recovery time (0ms)

Disadvantages - Prohibitively expensive unless absolutely needed.

Industrial Network Topology - HSR-PRP