Instrumentation Interview Question : Pressure measurement


Q)What is pressure ? or Define pressure ?

A)Pressure is the amount of force applied over a defined area.

Q)The factors that will influence hydro static pressure ?

A)Level of the liquid
Density of the liquid
Pressure on the surface of the liquid (vapor space)

Q) Density of liquid

A)Density is the mass of a particular substance per unit of

Q) Definition of Specific Gravity

A)Specific gravity is the ratio of the density of a particular liquid
to the density of water at a reference temperature.

Q)Reason for measuring pressure ?

Process efficiency
Cost savings
Inferred measurement of other variables

Q)Three measurable pressure

A)Head (hydrostatic) pressure
Static (line) pressure
Vapour pressure

Q)Pressure-measurement devices can be categorised according to
the reference pressure


Q) Different type liquid column pressure gauges

A) Barometer

Q)What are the basic parts of Mechanical pressure gauges ?

A)Sensing device
Mechanical dial or indicator

Q)Most commonly used pressure sensing device?

A)Bourdon tube
Bellows and capsules

Q)What is pneumatic controller ?

A) A pneumatic controller is a device that, in response to an input pressure, sends a pneumatic output to a relay

Q)What is pneumatic transmitter ?

A)A pneumatic transmitter is a device that, in response to input pressure, outputs a proportionate, standardized pneumatic signal.