Interview Questions : Process control Engineer


Q)What does PID mean? (Be specific, don’t just define the Three Letter Acronym)
Q)PID is normally used for three-mode control. What does this mean?
Q)What is meant by the term setpoint?
Q)What is a cascade loop?
Q)What is a single loop controller?
Q)Discuss the interrelationship between SP, PV and Output.
Q)What is a marshalling panel?
Q)What is the difference between points and tags?
Q)In process control, what is the function of a transmitter?
Q)What is meant by the term 4 to 20?
Q)What is an RTD?
Q)In process control, what do the abbreviations, AI, AO, DI and DO typically stand for?
Q)What is a closed-loop system?
Q)What is a thermocouple and how does it work?
Q)Discuss the difference between a servo motor and a stepper motor
Q)What is an actuator? Give an example of an actuator:
Q)Describe the function of a controller
Q)What is the difference between a batch process and a continuous process?
Q)What is a controlled variable?
Q)What is an A/D converter
Q)What do we mean when we say a loop needs to be tuned?