Network Storm/ Network Traffic in honeywell DCS


By definition, a “network storm” (or “data storm”) is excessive transmission of network traffic.
Network storms can be experienced on FTE (Fault Tolerant Ethernet) through a variety of reasons including, but not limited to the following:
• Insertion of a network loop in the CF9, which is caused by the inappropriate insertion of a network cable from one CF9 to itself, or its redundant CF9 partner.
• Insertion of a (similar) network loop in a CISCO switch.
• Misconfiguration of a L1 or L2 CISCO switch. This action itself does not cause a storm, but can expose the control components to network storms from other portions of the plant network.
• Installation of non-qualified, third party software on Experion Servers, Flex Stations or Console Stations can cause resource leaks on the PC which can lead to network storms.