SIEMENS VS Allen-Bradley

What are the main differences between SIEMENS and Allen-Bradley. Which one do you prefer?

Hi, thanks for your question. I use both for plc learning and so far, I can tell you that Allen Bradley and Siemens are really different. Allen bradley has different platforms for their PLCs. There is Micro800 platform that uses Connected components workbench to program this plc family and drives and panelview… . There is SLC500 family, Micrologix family with their Rslogix 500 software. There is CompactLogix and Controllogix family with their Rslogix 5000 or Studio 5000 software. So each platform with their own software. While coming to Siemens, all their PLCs are grouped in their TIA software… Allen and Siemens don’t have the same addressing mode, totally different in terms of programming.

Think you.