What is RTU (Remote Terminal Unit)?


RTU stands for Remote Terminal Unit.

Remote terminal unit (RTU) including

1.Remote monitoring and controlling function.

2.Process monitor for collection and visualization of Data signals.(hard-wired,serial,Ethernet)

3.Communication gateway communicating via several protocols at same time (eg Modbus,DNP3.0 etc…)

4.Programmable logical controller,able to control industry process automatically.

5.Human Machine Interface (HMI) provides overview similar to a small SCADA system.

Advantages of RTU (Remote Terminal Unit)

Flexible and Scalable hardware concept.
Flexible communications to IEDs
Ability to perform complex PLC functions
Integrated HMI for station monitoring.
Modern engineering tools with data exchange interface.
Archive functionality
Diagnostic and Maintenance functionality
Highest reliability
Robustness against cyber security attacks.

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