Honeywell EPKS DCS C200 Controller


Honeywell C200 Controller - DCS Training Notes

Power supply in first slot - Slot x. Redundant PS configuration are available.
Slot 0-9/0-16 in Controller chassis with FTEB(Fault tolerent ethernet / Control Net Interfaceas first module by default
Redundant modules in same slot of redundant chassis as mandatory.
FO(Fiber Optic) redundant link on RM(Redundancy Module)
no I/Os permitted on redundant controller chassis except FIM & IOLIM(IO link interface module)
I/Os permitted on non-redundant controller chassis
Unique MAC IDs for CNI on process netwrok & supervisory network. No duplication on single (uplink OR downlink) network except for redundant modules.
Max. 64 IO cards (Chasi/PM IO) supported
No redundancy in Series “A” I/O (chasis I/O)
24 I/O modules supported per CNI. 4 CNI per controller.
CNI MAC IDs set same for redundant controllers uplink & downlink CNIs. Base address+1 assumed for backup controller based on s/w configuration
Server Addresses 23-“A” & 24-“B” by default. In case of ACEnode on CNI n/w, ACEnode shall have adddress 24 & servers shall be assigned 31 & 32 address respectively.
PS output is 24V, 3V, 5V, 1.2V
Pulse Input not supported, I/O redundancy permitted as per xPM I/O redundancy
SIM on Series “A” I/O only, as a Serial Input Processor.
PIM on series “A” I/O only, as a Pulse Input Module.