How to configure or connect Hart Splitter?


Hart Splitter is used to splitting the signals. We need to configure the hart splitter according to our need.
P&F hart splitter KFD2-HLC-EX1.D.4S uses software viz Pactware for configuration.We can download the software free freom the following link:

The connection details is as follows:

  1. Connect the power supply (24v DC) across the terminals 23+ & 24-
  2. Connect the ABB Tx at the terminal (2+ 3- ) of HLC
  3. Note that the jumper is connected to HLC across the Terminals 4 & 5.
  4. Connect the HLC model to PC using K-ADP cable to configure using PACTWARE.
  5. The Measured value can be observed on PACTWARE.
  6. Output Current can be measured across terminals 8+ & 7- ,14+ & 13- , 20+ & 19-.


Connectio details:


Following are the configuration details for reading the PV variable from HART signal using HART LOOP CONVERTER (HLC).
Unit- PV- Type- Auto
HARTCom- Mode- Secondary
Locate Method- Search
IOUT1 -Assignment – PV
Characteristic – 4-20 NE43
Startvalue – 0
EndValue – 100
Fault Current- Down
IOUT2- Disabled
IOUT3- Disabled