Is it possible to Data transfer between Third party device or any Modbus device and DCS controller for Honeywell DCS


QDB is used for third party device configuartion and DCS logics are build in Control Module(CM):
Method for configuring the data transfer:
· Consider the configured Flag with name “OPD” in a CM called “TEST”.
· Now create a QDB point.
· The channel for this point is a modbus channel with port type as LANVendor
without any Port name.
· The controller for this point is a modbus controller where we can leave the IP
address as blank.
· Now we need to enter the CM name and the function block and the parameter
name in the PV Source Address of the point as shown in the attachment.
· Now once we download the QDB channel, controller & points, the PV of the point
will be following the CM Flaga value


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yes it is possible to transfer data from honeywell to some other plateform such as schnieder DCS. we did this in recent days.