SCADA engineer interview question?


SCADA programmer interview questions

  1. What is the full form of SCADA ?

Supervisory control and Data Acquisition

2.What are the common system components of SCADA system ?

Remote terminal units
Telemetry system
Data acquisition server
Historian software
Supervisory system
Communication infrastructure
Process and analytical instrumentation

3.What is RTU?

Full form of RTU is remote terminal unit . Remote terminal units connects sensors in the process control and convert sensor signal to digital data.

4.Brief about SCADA architecture ?

5.Different communication protocols used in SCADA communication ?


6.Major SCADA manufactures and their software name ?

7.What is OPC?

8.Basics of Modbus communication ?

9.Different types of modbus communication ?

10.Brief about Ethernet communication ?

11.What is a switch ?

12.What is subnet masking ?

13.What is TCP/IP protocol?

14.In server client architecture who is the data owner ?

Server is the data owner. Client request for Data and server respond to request

15.In Master - Slave architecture who is the data owner ?

Slave. Master request for data and slave provide data .

16.What are the disadvantages of SCADA comparing to DCS?

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  1. Advantages of SCADA system

  2. what is VSAT ?

  3. Common SCADA programming languages ?

20.Compare SCADA and DCS